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poptart? don't you mean sodatart?

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Vampire doctors that can smell if you have a blood disease.

Werewolf therapy animals for sick kids.

Nature sprite and nymph nurses that always make sure people have pretty flowers to brighten up their white rooms.

Fauns that go around and sing and dance for patients so that they smile.

Nice monster hospitals would be amazing


Imagine e and R walking down the street holding hands and one mean person will shout to enjolras something like “did you take pity on him or what” because R isnt what we call classicly handsome and so Grantaire is a little bit ashamed but enjy is confused and oblivious so he asks R  “…why would you  take pity on me ?” and yeah.


Friendly reminder that the last thing Grantaire saw, before the end, was Enjolras smiling at him


casual reminder that the les mis fandom is the only one with an official song 

because we are the only fandom where one of the actors actually



ships the ship SO FRICKIN HARD that he WRITES A 

S O N G 


Enjolras and Grantaire meeting for the first time and Grantaire going: “I’m Grantaire but you can call me R”, and Enjolras just suddenly giggling and then full on laughing and everybody else are just like: what. Because Enjolras never laughs. And that’s how Les Amis discovered that Enjolras likes bad french puns


my brother was an artist and he used to say ‘artists paint a certain thing until they hate it’ and it made me think about the fact that grantaire would paint enjolras alot and maybe it was in hopes that one day he would hate him but in the end grantaire just loves him so much more.


All I want in life is a fic in which Les Amis all share a flat, and Enjolras and Grantaire have heated arguments via alphabet fridge magnets


what if enjolras was reaped and combeferre and grantaire yelled “i volunteer” at the same time like what would happen


imagine grantaire wearing a super-nice outfit and getting all scrubbed up for an art show,

and enjolras being so busy looking at him that he walks straight into a wall


While driving home I realized that Grantaire would’ve had to walk over Joly’s, Combeferre’s, and Courfeyrac’s dead bodies to stand by Enjolras’s side to die and that’s how I almost crashed my car today.


in the middle of the battle scenes on the barricade, grantaire yells “MARRY ME” to enjolras and he’s all like “i doN’T THINK NOW IS THE BEST TIME” 


i am a firm believer that if highschool!amis&co. were to be a thing they would all have to meet in detention

  • courfeyrac’s there for punching a guy on the football team for shouting slurs at enjolras in the locker room
  • combeferre told off a teacher for mocking courfeyrac in front of their entire class (‘just because he doesn’t learn like other people doesn’t make him stupid, in fact your job as a teacher is to help him, not openly mock him like an immature, ignorant bully’)
  • enjolras got detention for pulling the fire alarm the week before to try to get combeferre out of detention (it didn’t work)
  • jehan got stoned during lunch break and spent two hours under a tree contemplating death and staring at strangely ethereal clouds, unfortunately forgot to go back to class, and got busted for ditching
  • cosette was dress-coded for wearing leggings as pants (and don’t think she isn’t furious about it)
  • feuilly ditched a couple periods of class because he was covering someone else’s shift and wanted to be there on time
  • someone reported bahorel’s fight club to the principal (not that he was exactly subtle about it- he did put up flyers)
  • eponine was selling exam answers to other students 
  • marius is just… there. (he doesn’t get picked up until 5 and it’s cold outside)
  • bossuet got the locker rooms mixed up again (the girls’ basketball team was not pleased)
  • joly had seventeen sick days during first semester and they found out he was forging the notes
  • musichetta was giving eponine the answers
  • and grantaire hadn’t turned in any assignments for any class and they didn’t notice for the entire first semester because he was acing all the tests anyway

from that day on they’re pretty much inseparable and even worse than they ever were individually and the entire teaching staff curse whoever the hell put them all in one room


ok no but enjolras slowly going deaf because of all the canons and gunshots from rallies ….

and grantaire secretly starts learning sign language so E doesnt feel completely alone in his seemingly quiet world

and one day enjolras runs across a paper with grantaires handwriting of a love poem and grantaire planning to sign it to him to show how much he cares for E. 

im squealing

A: TLA MEME: 5 fights [1/5]
↳ Zuko vs. Azula - “I’m sorry it has to end this way, brother.” “No, you’re not.”


[♥] Sensei, Aishitemasu: Favourite Quotes - Pacific Rim Meme (3/3)

"I’ll always be here! You can always find me in the Drift!"

Teacher, I love you.

~ last words between Mako Mori and Stacker Pentecost *sniffles* ~