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thank you!!

poptart? don't you mean sodatart?

thank u for the

drag & drop
a passive-aggressive burn-gorman-does-not-have-a-lizard-face-he-is-genuinely-and-unironically-pretty photoset


Tendo Choi making a list of LOCCENT rules and regulations titled

"Ten-DOs and Ten-DON’Ts" 

I usually always look at people’s lips when they talk and it’s like
No im sorry i dont want to kiss you
I just cant make eye contact im sorry

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Announcing to random seagulls that he is Pacific Tim.


That is a perfect image.

Tim, alone and hungry, is seen shouting at seagulls. ‘IT IS I, PACIFIC TIM, BOW TO ME’

skeevy-skeeve replied to your post “No but im laughing at the amount if times ive misspelled Pacific Rim…”

i just keep typing your url instead of actual ‘pacific rim’, so you’ve definitely got me beat XD

I keep wanting to type your url when I reblog Herc/Tendo but it’s usually from you, so that would be pointless lol

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Tim is fucking decimating the human race

Tim will be the death of us all. The apocalypse is nigh 

No but im laughing at the amount of times ive misspelled Pacific Rim as Pacific Tim
It makes me think of some poor guy named Tim, stranded in the Pacific ocean


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do you ever just

make a friend and think

I am so glad this friend is mine

Pacific Rim Blooper Reel
I was in a situation a couple of years ago where my family was the /exact/ same way and I can definitely sympathise, but don't lose hope!! It took a while, but I was able to explain to my parents that depression and anxiety are Actually Serious Things and (even though they still didn't quite /get/ it) they let me see a therapist and things got so much better. My therapist even talked to my parents about depression/anxiety which helped them understand that I wasn't just looking for attention.

Thank you!!

I feel like I’m not trying hard enough, you know? Like, every time I try to explain they invalidate my feelings, so I stop trying. But, like you said, I do think that if I can convince them to let me see someone, that thing’ll get better. <3

decadentmousse replied to your post “decadentmousse replied to your post “I tried telling my anxieties to…”

Yeah, if I had a nickle for every time I heard the “Everybody gets nervous” line… DX My mom tries to understand, at least more than the rest of my family, but things still get a bit adlfksdfdf between us sometimes.

My mom really does try, I guess, but she’s so bad at dealing with things. Her response to every situation is to awkwardly laugh, and I end up getting offended.

It was because she laughed like that that I freaked and made her promise not to tell anyone else.

fjordfish replied to your post “I tried telling my anxieties to my brother and he just told me that I…”

hello fellow anxiety-having friend! you’ve got some anxiety, and *that’s* the problem - doesn’t mean it’s any less important or valid!! please feel free to talk to me about it if you need to :) even if you just want a person to listen.

Thank you!! <3 

If it gets to a point where I can’t handle bottling it up, I’ll find you :)