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thank you!!

poptart? don't you mean sodatart?

thank u for the

drag & drop


[gently rests hand on character’s cheek] i love you but you’re such an ass

Sometimes i want to ask a lot of like, more personal questions (as in childhood memories, part of the world u live in, etc) but then im like nah. It’ll come up in conversation eventually

Favorite Characters: Herc & Chuck Hansen


"Oh my god, I’m turning into—a vampire!”

"But how? I didn’t even bite you yet!"

Premature edraculation


Workplace hazard. Its frankly dangerous Newt, you should file a complaint. Part 1Part 2Part 3, Part 4.


bro you look so cute right now dude. dude you are so fucking adorable 

That’s like the first time that my phone’s ever died in the middle of a phone call????

decadentmousse replied to your post “decadentmousse replied to your photo “I’m getting ready to take some…”

I will accept my cuteness, if you will accept yours. We’re both cuties, then. XD <3

Ahhhh..okay. I will accept, as long as you do <3

I was talking about that theory or whatever that you could be in a coma right now with my friends today. 

'We could all be in comas right now. How would we know?'

and my friend Selena looks at me and another friend and goes

'Sup my comies!!'

She’s judging me, I can see it in her expression